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When my daughter was born, the first gift I gave her was her name. The second, the third, the fourth gifts were books. I found myself searching high and low for beautiful picture books. Books with surprisingly simple stories but a powerful message. Books with heartbreaking beautiful artwork. Books that would stimulate her imagination. A hundred and one books, each different in its own way but each created with love, passion and talent by an author and an artist.


Then one day, as I was tidying up, I found an old box with countless little texts I had scribbled over the course of my life. I realised that writing had always been a passion for me and I wondered how I could have forgotten for so long. The truth was of course that I hadn't, I had only stopped collecting those scribbles.


But when I had my daughter, I thought about all the values I wanted to pass on to her: Having enough of faith to follow your dreams. Being persistent and continuously searching to improve yourself. I wondered how I could teach her such values, if I myself did not set an example.


I decided to pursue writing more seriously. I set myself in front of my computer, wrote a number of stories and sent them off with a form letter to about 6 publishers. Each one replied with a rejection. I wondered where I had gone wrong. My writing couldn't seriously have been that bad, could it ? After all, all my colleagues had said the stories were really very cute.... So, falling back into an attitude working life as a financial analyst had taught me, I decided to research where I could have been wrong. And a whole world opened up for me !!!!


I subscribed to a whole bunch of websites and the best advice I read, was to write, write, write.... Whatever I wrote and re-wrote on each moment, seemed the best I could ever do, and yet, reading back my own work six months later, I'd realise what an idiot I had been for thinking so.


Picture books seem so easy to write. Yet everyone who has seriously been at it for some time, knows this is only a common misperception. Don't think you are the exception. I know I did and what a fool of myself I must have made :-)


This is why I set up this website. The writers and artist community is a nice one, so I want to pay it forward and share some of the knowledge I gather along the way. This website also aims to be a 'home' for our critique group. There's a blog, where each of us can post voluntarily, about any topic they wish to talk about. Besides being another writing exercise, it's also a way we develop bonds with eachother. It will be our online version of a 'Central Perk' coffeebar :-)





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Agents which at some point of time still seemed keen on acquiring new picture book authors. (Not an exhaustive list thank goodness though... there are many more out there that we are not aware of). This list is regularly updated with new finds. Should you know of any agent not mentionned, do let us know via email. It would be greatly appreciated !!!



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Writing picture books is an art and a skill you can develop further. Here are some tips that we found valuable. Feel free to let us know if you feel anything needs to be added.



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Welcome to our site. We're a happy bunch of picture book authors that have grouped together to help each other develop and grow. Feel free to browse our site. Please do read on our way of working first, if you would be interested in joining us.




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